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Why we are Different than other Web Hosting Companies

Our web hosting services are superior to our competition; we provide daily backups of our customer databases and websites. Since we host our customer website files and data, it is convenient for us to perform quick updates at much reduced fees. Careful when choosing a web hosting service, discounted “warehouse type” fees translate to fewer services. A simple virus or malware on your website can render it useless. Your precious database can be destroyed in seconds costing your company enormous fees and time to rebuild, not to mention destroying your digital presence. Many times, hacked sites can be undetected for weeks and months. Most web hosting providers do not have the capability to restore files past a few days or not at all, since they rely on their customers to perform periodic backups. We can restore your website as far back as 6 months since we keep daily backups for long periods, therefore we can restore your service quickly back to the way it was prior to being hacked.

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