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Technology support is a critical function for every company that relies on its technology to support its business functions. We simplify the process of supporting computers and other systems. All of our support engineers and technicians are certified in their perspective areas of support.

We offer all software and hardware support services that include on-site services and remote monitoring and management for your critical applications, systems, networks, and databases in Baltimore, Maryland, Washington DC, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.   

Our support service model is simple. When you experience an issue, call us or log a ticket on our support web portal. We take it from there. Based on an established service level, requests are acknowledged within one hour by phone or email. Our trained staff will work on issue resolution and report status at various stages, keeping you well informed as work is performed and progress is made. 

Our PC support service covers current Microsoft Windows and the Microsoft Office applications that provide the backbone of most office work and are most common in the workplace. Desktop Support Service covers the normal day-to-day issues users encounter and covers the entire administration of the network. This includes specific functions and tasks a System Administrator would be expected to deal with.

We can help you acquire the right computers and laptops, install the required operating system, apply the necessary service packs, upgrade memory, fine tune operations, remove viruses, set up standard settings, configure file and printer sharing, and much more.

Desktop issues like weird error messages, hang ups, and freezing can be easily fixed remotely by our specialists.

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